What to expect during your car shipment delivery

Knowing what to expect during your car delivery will allow for a stress free experience.

If you’ve selected the right auto transport company  and checked out their standing with the FMCSA the delivery process should go smoothly.

You have kept in touch with the driver or their dispatch and have been kept up to date on the eta of the truck.

You prepared your car for shipment and have your pictures and copy of BOL showing the initial condition of your car.

Now the morning of delivery, delays can happen. City traffic along with deliveries before you can delay the driver. Allow for a good 3 hr window from the drivers estimated arrival time, just in case.

Scout out a large OPEN lot or large wide street where the driver can safely unload your car. The closer to your address the better obviously, but keep in mind trucks are not allowed everywhere on on every street.

If the driver is familiar with your area he might have something in mind already. Be sure to communicate this information with the driver.

Have cash or Certified Check made out to the carrier company name if payment is COD (Cash on Delivery).  It is a good idea to have proof of payment with you if it was pre-paid so as to show the driver. COD is commonplace in the industry and drivers are reluctant to release a car without payment or proof thereof.  Otherwise you will have to get in touch with his back office as he might not have been updated properly.

Have your smart phone or camera with you to take pictures of the car.

Take your time inspecting the car and filling out the BOL correctly and accurately.

 PS      If you prefer to just make one call to a broker instead of looking for a carrier on your own we recommend reaching out to A1AutoTransport 1-866-780-2152

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