Shipping a car to and from Florida

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Car shipping to and from Florida has a life of its own.  Why  so? The seasonal price fluctuations of course.  Depending on time of year, the price for shipping a car to Florida can double or more. What can cause this? Volume. The significant increase in car shipping volume to Florida is mainly caused by snowbirds.

Snowbirds are usually retirees from the Northern or North Eastern states such as New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania or Illinois looking to avoid the heavy northern Midwest winters and northeast heavy wet snows.

Typically January the great migration begins. Some will slowly make their way down to Florida in December, but family ties usually keeps them up north till the new year. Thanksgiving and Christmas tend to keep people close to family.

January and most of February will see a huge spike in volume. Which corresponds to the prices for shipping a car increasing dramatically.

Definitely, contact a carrier based in either Florida or your state before the week of Christmas and verify a spot on their truck for the busy season. Go with a company that can work with you and your schedule more so than one trying to give you a great price. Always check with the FMSCA database to verify the carrier safety rating and good standing.  A great price early on in the season might lead to delays as they will want to increase their profit per trip and might push you back for when they have an opening.

How to avoid overpaying for car shipping to and from Florida?

Do what you can to ship your car before the rush. Have someone on the other end to receive the car for you and park it at your place of stay or hold on to it until you arrive.  Allow for a larger window for pick up and drop off as well can help with getting a lower price.

Following  the above advice for your Florida car shipping will hopefully take the stress away from the whole experience.


For a list of car transport companies based in Florida go to the following link:

Auto Transport companies in Florida

Good luck with your move.

PS      If you prefer to just make one call to a broker instead of looking for a carrier on your own we recommend reaching out to A1AutoTransport 1-866-780-2152


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