Car Shipping. Your most important document


The BOL (Bill of Lading) is a required document to move any type of freight by a for-hire carrier.  It is a contract between the shipper (you) and the carrier as well as a receipt of the transaction.

The driver and you will both sign the BOL on both ends of the transaction. It is an important legal document and will be very useful in case of damage. Do not take it lightly. Make sure it is filled out correctly both on pickup and delivery.

A copy  is given to the customer on pickup, as well as on delivery.

A proper Bill of Lading defines what cargo is being shipped and the terms for doing so. In addition to vehicle condition and mileage it will denote the following:

  • customer information
  • carrier information
  • shipper or broker information
  • order id
  • pickup address
  • delivery address
  • pickup and delivery dates
  • terms and conditions

It is the most important step ( along with pictures) in prepping you car for the long journey to its destination.