Car shipping problems and how to avoid them

readying car for transport

The most important step would be contracting a reputable, professional and experience car transporter. Before you settle on one, get as much information from them as you can, ask a lot of questions, shop around and get as many quotes as you reasonably can. For a handy list of car transporters in your area check List of Carriers.

Handing over your precious car to a car transporter can be a bit nerve wracking. You can be prepared by following some common sense advice.  Below are some common issues that you can run into while shipping your car. Cross country or even within a short distance.

  • Tight deadline/missing deadline

Make sure your auto transport carrier knows your time restraint, if any, before you contract with them. On your end, give as much flexibility to the driver as possible. They deal with, adverse weather, multiple drops and pickups, weigh stations, inspections, and Hours of Service regulations that make keeping to a really tight schedule very difficult. If you can, have at least a back up contact to receive or hand over the car. That would eliminate lots of frustration.

  • Poor/Lack of communication

One of the most common complaints from car shipping customers is lack of communication from the auto transport carrier.  Keep in mind many outfits are single owner operators and driving is more important than being on the phone, updating everyone at all times. However, getting an update at a pre-determined interval should be expected.

Getting a feel for the carrier early on in the process is paramount. Then confirm with them a reasonable updating process.


  • Damage.

The most dreadful of all issues during a car shipment. Verifying the carriers insurance and having the claims process spelled out before hand can alleviate some of the stress any damage will most definitely cause. Read about car insurance during transport as well.

Keep in mind, damage is very rare and contracting with a reputable, experienced carrier will help avoid it altogether.