Car shipper reviews


Car shipper reviews are the most used tool by people looking to ship their car.  Few people have friends or family that have used a car shipping company before. Even fewer know anyone personally in the industry.

When searching for a company to move your car, you will find yourself checking out car shipper review sites.  When it comes to carriers unfortunately, not many reviews exist. Most reviews out there will be about car shipping companies i.e.  auto transport brokers. Not auto transport carriers.

One of our goals is to connect any one shipping a car directly to a car hauler, reducing the need for intermediaries. Now a good, honest, hard working broker can be a great asset. The industry however is plagued with problems and the FMCSA has seen a huge increase in customer complaints about companies in the both the household goods and auto shipping space.


Top Car Shipper  Review websites

Below are some resources for you to research the auto transport company (broker or transporter) you are considering for your car move:

In addition to the above car shipper review sites, forums such as  and facebook groups can provide real honest reviews.

If finding your own carrier is too time consuming and you would prefer to get a professional broker to handle your car move (they also do household goods!) you can reach our friends at A1AutoTransport  or call them at 1-866-780-2152.  Just tell them we sent ya!


If you use a car carrier from our list, or would like to share your experience with any auto transport company whether a broker or a carrier, please email us at or liking and posting to the car ship reviews facebook group.

Good luck with your move.


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