Breaking down your car shipping quote

car shipping time

A car shipping quote can vary wildly.  With so many companies competing for your business you will have a few throwing out low ball quotes just to get you on the phone.

Auto transport companies, car shipping brokers and car carriers alike,  used to be hard to get a hold of and do any research about. Today, thanks to the internet, and directories like our site, it has never been easier.

With too many options, comes difficulty in choosing the right service provider. Analyzing the quote given by your auto transport professional can help you make an informed decision. Here are some things to look for:

  • Quality of service. You want an auto transport company able to move your car hundreds of miles, safely and in a timely manner. Reviews on the various review sites, the company snapshot from fmcsa can help point you to or away from a specific carrier.
  • Broker fee? If you are working with an auto transport broker instead of a direct connection with a carrier, then know up front what the broker fee is. Some will try to make a bigger percentage of the total fee by lowering their price offer to carriers. That can lead to delays or lesser quality carriers among other issues.
  • Price per mile. Once you have the total quote break it down to a per mile price. While by itself it might give a complete picture, it will help if you have different locations for pickup or delivery so you you can estimate any discount you might be able to work.
  • Know the type of trailer. Open or enclosed. There is a significant price difference between the 2. Don't get stuck with an enclosed expensive trailer transport when an open will do.
  • Finally, be sure to ask for any discounts or special offers they may provide. Veterans, return customers, certain age groups might get you a discount.

Knowing the above can equip you to analyze the car shipping quote you received. You should be able to see if its just too low or way too high.

Good luck with your move.


PS      If you prefer to just make one call to a broker instead of looking for a carrier on your own we recommend reaching out to A1AutoTransport 1-866-780-2152


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